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What Do These Brands Have in Common?


They’ve all worked with Japan Starts Here to increase their influence, recognition and visibility, leveraging the personality, reputation and industry-leading content of Robert Schrader—that’s me!—to reach a growing community of energetic, intelligent travelers to Japan. And they’ve all been amazed by the quality of work, scale of results and incredibly fast turn-around times involved in working with Japan Starts Here!


Why Should You Work With Me?

My growing audience comes from the largest, wealthiest markets in the world, and are educated, affluent, independent travelers. Plus, my travel writing and photography is highly syndicated in the global travel media—the site is only the beginning!

Before he left office, President Obama and the White House recognized me as one of America’s Top 100 Travel Influencers, and I’ve contributed to publications such as, Business Insider, CNN Travel and The Huffington Post, to name just a few.


How Can You Work With Me?

Below are just a few of the ways to leverage Japan Starts Here’s traffic, reach and influence to take Japan travel brands like yours to the next level:

Commission Content

Promote your brand with an attractive advertorial, direct travelers to your delightful destination or highlight your hotel with a high-ranking review. See a recent example sponsored by Kyoto Insider Sake Experience.

Send Me to Japan

Fly me to your city, prefecture or hotel and I’ll blog about it, Instagram about it, whatever you want. I won’t shut up—and that’s a very good thing, since so many people listen when I speak.

Purchase Japan Photos

All the incredible Japan travel photos you see on this site are mine, and all are available for use under the right circumstances. Email Japan Starts Here today to learn more about purchasing usage rights.


Give Your Brand a Face!


With growing traffic and budding reach—not to mention passion and personality—Japan Starts Here is your ideal digital media partner. Email Japan Starts Here today to get started!


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