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Another Taste of TokyoTreat

When the TokyoTreat box arrived at my door just before Christmas, I felt a familiar excitement. As you might recall, I’d also received one earlier in the summer.

The good news? Many things about my second TokyoTreat experience were similar to my first, from the variety of snacks contained within it, to how many of them I’d personally seen for sale during my many trips to Japan. It really was, once again, like Japan delivered.

The better news? Well, you’re going to have to read my TokyoTreat review to get a sense of that.

How TokyoTreat Works: A Recap

If you’ve ever had a Japanese snack craving, but aren’t in Japan or on a plane there, it used to be that you were out of luck. Now, however, TokyoTreat offers a solution. Monthly boxes filled with snacks sweet and savory, hand-curated by locals in Japan. No matter how long you imagine might pass until you’re able to get to Japan again, a TokyoTreat box will tide you over.

One, or one every month: The box is designed to be a subscription service, one that shows up at your door every few weeks. If you love Japanese treats but aren’t able to travel to the country several times per year, TokyoTreat is the best way to ensure your memories of the country never leave you far behind. For those of us who do spend several months of every year in Japan, TokyoTreat is an opportunity to share Japan with those we love. 

My Favorite Things About TokyoTreat



No matter which TokyoTreat box you get, you can be sure it’ll come filled with real snacks you can find at konbini and in vending machines across Japan. This includes both internationally known brands like Kit-Kat, as well as snacks whose kanji, hiragana and katana labels you might not even be able to read.



Who says all Japanese candy has to be sweet? While each box will of course include chocolate treats like the aforementioned Kit Kat, you can also expect salty snacks like Pretz, and effervescent treats such as the cola-flavored Sherbet Pero lollipop.



Your TokyoTreat box will literally be overflowing. Not in a bad way—it won’t explode or anything—but let’s just say there’s not a lot of empty space inside. If you’re someone who likes to graze on your snacks across a number of days or weeks, there’ll be plenty within one box to last you until the next arrives.



One advantage of this Japan snack box is that due to its subscription model, it’s basically on auto-pilot. Not only will it arrive at your door automatically every month; you don’t even need to worry about visiting. If you’re like me and travel to Japan often, this will also lessen your souvenir-buying burden.



Even if you’ve got a big appetite, there will be plenty of snacks for you to share with friends and family. Of course, at some point, you might encourage the people you initially share with to subscribe to their own boxes. Sharing is caring, but only up to a point!

Is TokyoTreat Worth Subscribing To?

One thing that stands in the way of some people buying TokyoTreat is that it is a subscription service. While you don’t have to commit to receiving the box for a long time—you can “subscribe” for as little as one month—it is a bit different than being able to purchase a Japanese snack box à la carte.

Do keep in mind that a major advantage of this subscription box over others it its variety, made possible by the fact that it’s hand-curated. If you do subscribe for an entire year, you can be sure you’ll get 12 totally unique boxes delivered to your door, with literally dozens of snacks sent straight from Japan. If you love Japanese snacks and don’t plan to visit Japan at least a few times this year, TokyoTreat is a good stop-gap.


Other FAQ About TokyoTreat

Who delivers TokyoTreat boxes?

The company that delivers your snack box may very, depending upon where in the world you live. In the US, for example, I’ve noticed that deliveries are handled by DHL and USPS, but this might not be the case in every jurisdiction. TokyoTreat will include this information when it sends you tracking details for your box.

How long does it take for TokyoTreat to arrive?

In my experience, it takes around a week or less after your order is confirmed for the TokyoTreat box to arrive at your door. Obviously, however, there are some variables that can change this. It may take longer if you order on the weekend or during a holiday period, for example, or if you live in a very rural area that’s not easily accessible from major logistics hubs.

The Bottom Line

I hope my TokyoTreat review has helped you make the decision as to whether or not you should order a box for yourself. If you’re a frequent visitor of Japan and want to get a taste of the country without taking another flight to Haneda or Narita, having this snack box delivered to your door is a much more convenient work-around. If, on the other hand, you haven’t been to Japan yet…well, TokyoTreat will certainly get you excited about visiting the country. Still on the fence? Click here to check out the upcoming TokyoTreat box here, and to learn about all the delicious Japanese snacks inside it.


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